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Pratliperl is a unique ultra lightweight and insulating material of volcanic origin, a deposit of which is found at only one location in South Africa and nowhere else. Unlike ordinary Perlite, Pratliperl is unique in that it is well suited for use with Cement. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly: Unlike ordinary Perlites which are brittle and friable, Pratliperl has a tough surface structure. Secondly: Pratliperl is pre-treated with a special chemical, thereby rendering it compatible with ordinary Cements and additives.

Thermal Insulator

Pratliperl has a conductivity (k) value in the loose state of 0.05 W/m.K. This is 20 times more insulating than sand! This property derives from the low density and the “vacuum flask” like structure of Pratliperl beads.

Ultra Lightweight

Loose density is approximately 100 kg/m* and, when mixed with cement, practical concrete densities range from 300 kg/m* to 1100 kg/m3 depending upon mix. Concrete that floats on water!

Superior Strength

Ordinary lightweight concretes are typically weak. Aerated concrete is also susceptible to total slump shortly after casting, especially if any vibration or disturbance like passing traffic is present.

Zero Smoke & Fumes

Pratliperl releases no smoke or fumes during a fire. This property gives Pratliperl an advantage over expanded Polystyrene based insulation products which may give off harmful fumes.

Compatible with Cement/Binders

Each Pratliperl particle has a well-sealed and tough bead structure. This ameliorates bead damage during mixing and facilitates low water adsorption and proper curing of the cement.

Fire Resistance

In addition to the almost refractory melting temprature of 1250 degree celcius, pratliperl concrete also maintains its high temperature structural integrity via its incredible thermal solutions.

Pratliperl the Ideal Insulator

• You Can Save More Than 60 % Of Your Home Electricity Bill With Pratliperl.
• Thermo - Conduct Factor ( 0.114)
• Complete Control Over House Atmosphere That Makes It Cool In Summer And Warm In Winter
• Fire Resistant And Endures High Temperatures Reach Up To 1250C°.
• It Is Not Affected With Weather Factors Such As ( Hot, Cold, Humidity )
• Light Weight Which Reduce Load Over Building Construction.
• Soundproof Which Improves The Sonic Specifications Of The Building.
• It is Higher Quality And Lower Cost Than All Other Types of Insulations.
• Long life For Insulation (Where Others Have Lower Limited Life Time)
• Keeps On Paint Colors And Their Constancy Because It Doesn't Absorb Heat.
• Easy To Use.

What are Pratliperl Applications ?

• Internal and External Plastering
• Works to isolate walls, ceilings, columns and beams.
• Good to use with all type of ceilings ( concrete 8 metal ).
• Protects buildings against fires.
• Good for use with pre - cast concrete and framework.
• Can be used in furnaces isolation .

Thermally Insulating roof decks.
Fire barrier wall between transformers.
Fire Proof Wall
insulation of surface of molten metal
Computer Server Room
insulating cyrogenic tank


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